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Wednesday, 18 February 2015 00:00

Cops: Good And Bad – U.S.A. - By RoadBlock 1%er; www.FreeRoadBlock.us

Part One: The Good - We are doing the same thing the Gov’t does to us by lumping all cops into a bad cop category.  This is a serious mistake that makes it almost impossible to bring about any changes.  I hope these articles, Part One and Two will give you something to think about.  I welcome your thoughts and comments.

After serving thirty years in prison, many people assume I hate cops.  Cops dictated if I could leave my cell, if I could receive medical care, when I ate, what I wore, what I could say to them without getting my cell tossed - 24/7 for 30 long years.  Did I like it?  Not hardly.  Since coming home 5 years ago, I have to answer to my parole officer.  He makes surprise visits to my home, and monitors both personal and business activities and records.  Do I like it?  No, but it’s his job, and we both know the rules.

My book-signing events take me many places.  I’ve met and talked with a lot of local, state and federal police officers.  Many are unhappy with the way things are going in America for all of us.  Do I like it?  Hell yeah, it’s great to finally have open discussions, with concerned uniform and street cops to old-school prison guards, about issues that concern us and our families and country.  And of course, our main topic is about law enforcement going to hell.

Good Cops: I believe there are many cops who do their best to uphold the traditional standards of law enforcement in a professional and constitutional manner.  They’re respectful to lames, liars and John Q Citizen alike, have tremendous patience, and can diffuse a dangerous situation without a tank or riot gun.  As history has proven, these “good” cops catch shit rolling downhill.  Treating the public with ethics and common sense goes against directives from the upper echelon, who crave sensational media stories to further their political goals. “Look, we are ‘Tough On Crime’, we just blew that drug house apart with everyone in it!  One of them had an illegal marijuana flake or seed in his pocket.  Vote for me, I will keep you safe!”   Faced with little support all the way up the food chain, however, bucking the system means losing promotions, friendships and possibly careers.  Superiors no longer consider the good cop a “team player,” which is ironic, because a good street cop is usually an independent person capable of making good decisions without any help from a politician.   Some places are worse than others.  Daytona Beach LE relishes their reputation for harassing tourists, especially during biker events.  Yes, the ill will and ticket gouging adversely impacts commerce for local businesses, but the police chief isn’t shy about his political goals being more important than the community coffers.  In fact, he has publicly stated that motorcycle clubs are not welcome in Daytona because “they are nothing more than criminals and domestic terrorists.”  I’m not sure how the Bikers for Jesus and veterans clubs feel about that.

By contrast, Panama City Beach welcomes people to Spring Break and biker events.  The cops I’ve seen there handled visitors with common sense and courtesy, maintaining public safety while recognizing the attendees are there to have fun.  In any town, a seasoned street cop knows his clientele: the petty criminals who’ll never learn, a stranger who sets off all his 6th sense alarms, or a kid egged into something stupid by friends. From experience, those officers know how to handle each situation.  (Pic here with title of)  Officer And Kid: 
These police officers have my respect and should have the respect of everyone.  Without them, our society would descend rapidly into total lawlessness, where only those with no conscience will survive.  I believe the good cops live by the oaths they took when they were sworn in as Police Officers.  “I do solemnly swear to uphold, defend and protect the U.S. Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.”  And, “On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character, or the public trust.  I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions.  I will always uphold the Constitution, my community and the agency I serve.”

Conclusion: Some of the police officers I have spoken with tell me they need the help of citizens to get Law Enforcement back in the hands of professional cops (as opposed to military trained killers).  How?  Well, do bikers appreciate getting lumped into one category by glory-hounds like Chief Chitwood?  Exactly.  So why would any decent law enforcement officer appreciate comparisons to a rogue cop who beat and brutally sodomized a handcuffed nonviolent offender?  Or a military force posing as law enforcement.   As hard as it is, we have to rearrange our own thinking.  Not every squad car means grab the kids and the dogs and head for the bomb shelter.  Not every blue light means an instant ticket.  When you start to rage against all cops in general, think about a world without them between your family and the sociopaths waiting in the dark.  If nothing else, consider they may be in the majority of officers that aren’t scared shitless of dogs, and save yours instead of shooting it.  If I can learn to have a reasonable conversation with a few, so can you.  Sometimes you learn something very valuable, that just like us not all cops are the same.  RoadBlock 1%er

Note:  The way I looked at my personal experience with cops back in the old days?  Their job as law enforcement officers was to put me in jail if I broke the law.  On the other hand, my job was to not let them catch me violating the law.  They had their job, and I had mine.  Guess what?  Fifty years later, after all that bullshit, we’re not keeping score.  We’re all just glad to wake up one more day.

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Cops: Good And Bad Part 2 - Feb 11, 2015 – U.S.A. - By RoadBlock 1%er; www.FreeRoadBlock.us - In My Opinion: By W.T. “RoadBlock” Harrell - Part Two: The Bad - We all know the bad cops - There are blogs and Facebook sites dedicated to thousands of illegal daily disasters committed by bad cops.  Many of us have had confrontations with these spineless individuals that we will never forget.


Such as: Reaching epidemic levels, trigger-happy chicken-shits shoot harmless family pets multiple times in their own yard.  Then they give the owners a ticket and the finger, but not their name or badge number.  (Pic here with title of) An all new Low: Zealous SWAT team burn babies in their cribs.

An untrained fool with a badge Tasers someone with 50,000 volts for 49 seconds instead of the standard 5 seconds (the coroner ruled it a homicide, small consolation for the family who called the police for help, not homicide-by-idiot.)   The list of inept punks goes on and on. It boggles the mind how these wannabe cops manage to pass exams and are now policing the public without conscience or morals.

The side effects of their illegal actions?  They Make All Cops Look Bad.  They ruin the public trust and respect for every decent, professional officer.   Public hatred for dog shooters, with their “I felt threatened by the vicious golden retriever puppy” excuses, have caused many agencies to not name the responsible party if at all possible.  Can you imagine working with someone who’s made your entire squad a target?  Every 98 minutes, a dog is shot and killed by law enforcement. That’s a lot of upset people. (By my stats, Milwaukee police hold the record.  Between 2000 and 2008, Milwaukee police shot and killed 434 dogs.)    (Pic here with title of) Scout, shot 7 times by a cop who claimed: “At this time, I whistled at the dog and said “Come here pup” and the dog jumped off the deck and ran at me.  I began backing away as fast as I could in a backward direction.  I immediately noticed the dog was showing its teeth and I could hear the dog growling very loudly.”

Do you think those Ohio students who got sprayed by a vicious tactical team will ever look at any policeman the same way? (What did you learn in college today, son? “Cops are not here to keep us safe. Cops hose us down in the streets simply for celebrating a great football victory. I will despise cops forever.”)  (Pic here with title of) Crowd..  Yeah, that’s a threatening bunch of thugs right there, call for another tank ASAP…

What about a knock at the door at midnight?  Is it a thief?  Is it a neighbor needing help?  Or maybe it’s the SWAT team about to splatter you into oblivion with 71 bullets like USMC veteran Jose Guerena.  You have three seconds to decide if you dare take a firearm with you to your own front door. Oh wait, it can’t be the SWAT team, they don’t have to knock. Three…two…one…  (Pic here with title of) Swat entry…

Another major side effect of grossly incompetent L.E. officers: When a supervisor can’t or won’t cover for them, their illegal actions cost the taxpayers a mint in court.   Former Chicago police officer Jon Burge, convicted of lying about the torture of suspects, cost “the city” more than $7 million in two torture lawsuits.   New York City police officer Justin Volpe, convicted of torturing and sodomizing handcuffed Abner Louima until Mr. Louima required two months of hospitalization from the injuries, cost NYC and its main police union $8.75 million in a lawsuit.

But worst of all — Bad Cops Kill Innocent Citizens.  And with the exception of a few gutsy families who file lawsuits, Bad Cops get away with murder.  In Guerena’s case, his widow won a $3.4 million lawsuit, but his killers got away. (There are too many photos of people shot by the police for me to post here.)

I believe the problem starts at the top with L.E. leaders. Their political ambitions are often more important than the oaths and duties of office they swore to uphold. These leaders routinely cover up criminal conduct, especially murders committed by personnel they are responsible for, to avoid liability and lawsuits. Somehow, the dead citizens always “deserved it.”  According to the U.S. Constitution, every citizen is innocent until they are proven guilty by a jury of their peers, not by some Paramilitary force masquerading as L.E.

Compounding the problem, almost every U.S. L.E. agency of any size now has Homeland Security Paramilitary SWAT units in their ranks. Politicians assured us these special units were trained by the military to protect us from terrorist attacks and hostage situations. We know better now.  Training and maintaining SWAT with all the big toys takes a LOT of money, and justification for the costs. Rather than have the Humvee tires dry-rot from lack of hostage situations, the powers-that-be started using SWAT for routine law enforcement duties. “Overkill” is an ironic word for their decision.  (Pic here with title of) Swat vehicle…

Thanks to these politicians and law enforcement leaders, graphic news reports of paramilitary units attacking American citizens with weapons of war are far too common.  Because of the military mindset, the teams treat everyone they come in contact with as enemies “of the people.” Wait a minute. Aren’t WE the people?

The decision to use SWAT teams in routine situations has resulted in hundreds of unnecessary and preventable killings of many innocent American citizens.  It has divided our nation into an U’s and Them mentality.  It has also given an undeserved black eye to the thousands of competent police officers who daily keep order without violence or harm to innocent U.S. citizens.  (Pic here with title of) Student Killed-Funeral for Andrea Rebello, student hostage killed by police…

This will surprise many of you, but I do believe there is a need for special units.  Our times are increasingly violent.  Almost any public place is potentially unsafe, including our schools.  In a crisis where the public is at great risk, a response team’s specialized training can save lives.  However, their use should be limited to what they are trained for.  They should not be used to serve warrants, and should only be deployed in cases where the person or persons refuse to surrender peacefully to uniform Police.  They have proven over and over that they are not capable of successfully handling routine law enforcement chores or nonviolent situations. Hell, they can’t even get a damned address correct half the time.  I believe using them for routine police duties is criminal.

In Conclusion: The ongoing over-the-top blitzkrieg on American families destroys respect for law enforcement and replaces it with hatred and fear.  Nobody wins when a nation’s citizens view their L.E. as the enemy.  This situation will only escalate unless we raise hell about better training and screening, continue to prosecute through the Civil Courts, and insist that those sworn to protect us comprehend that concept, starting with our politicians and so-called leaders.  These bad cops want us to obey the law but arrogantly refuse to do so themselves.  It’s time they are held responsible for their violations of both Criminal & Constitutional law.  The law is a two edged sword, it cuts both ways, no one is exempt. Stand up, America, and defend your rights. How many wrongful deaths will these killers commit that are paid for out of your taxes while they suffer no consequences.  RoadBlock 1%er

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Respects, Mike  

NCOM Brothers Behind Bars Newsletter Editor


CLICK HERE to access Issue 1 for February 2015
Last modified on Wednesday, 18 February 2015 23:01

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