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BKC News Bytes - Northern Saskatchewan

Serving: Creighton, Hafford, Meadow Lake, La Ronge, Stony Rapids

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Road Trip Rita

Monday, 09 March 2020 21:36

CMTA Road Team Perks plus chance to win the Ultimate AB or BC Vacation! Featured

CMTA Road Team Perks plus chance to win the Ultimate AB or BC Vacation! CMTA Road Team Perks plus chance to win the Ultimate AB or BC Vacation!

CMTA Road TeamThis year we have will polls and surveys for you to take and when you take them, we will have some sort of reward or perk that your name will go in a draw for.

It might be an extra ballot for a chance to win one of the Ultimate Motorcycle Vacation Packages that we are giving away, it could be a gas card or a meal, you just never know! 

These will be short 1 - 3 question polls and surveys to help us target in on various sectors of the travel and tourism industry and how they interact with riders. Our aim will be to take this information, create a training course/seminar, have you good folks help us make sure that we help the travel industry better understand the needs of we riders. 

We will also have small polls from our presenting sponsor Braithwaite Boyle White Knights Injury Law Team.  Ken Braithwaite has been a crash victim. He understands all too well the pain, frustration and challenges of being injured in a crash. He wants to ensure that he and his team provide you with everything you need in the event of a crash. Again prizes will be on the line!

We also have our wonderful call centre - The Rider Hotline presented by Intercon Messaging in Drayton Valley Alberta.  Intercon Messaging not only offers you a way to connect to members of the Rider Friendly Support Network, but they can also offer you the NEVER RIDE ALONE PROGRAM.  This program is based on the never work alone program and very simply you call the hotline and ask to use the Never Ride Alone Program.  They ask for your membership number, the make, model and colour of your bike, and the route you are travelling.

They ask about what you know of the road conditions, construction, weather and the line.

Then you decide where you are stopping for fuel.  When you get there, you dial the toll-free number and let them know you arrived. If you are continuing on your way, call them back and let them know the next fuel stop.  If for any reason (belt, chain, tires, engine issues, wildlife etc.) you don’t arrive at the prescribed time, they will wait a certain amount of time (agreed upon previously) and then they will attempt to call you at the numbers you have left them.  If they still can’t raise you, they will contact 911 and someone will be on their way to find you from your last fuel stop. It’s a FREE service offered to CMTA Road Team members and members of the Rider Friendly Support Network.  

You can use this service every day of your trip if you wish. I know I use it a lot when I am in the mountains and places I know cell service is bad.  My husband has MS and can’t take calls at work. It’s nice for him, as he knows I always have an angel for Intercon Messaging, riding with me. Peace of mind for him, and it allows me to really enjoy my ride.

Our community at motorcycletourism.ca is now ready for our members to engage in.

It comes complete with groups, personal walls and news streams, and it will be here that we ask for your assistance and support.  It is here that we will be announcing our monthly prizes and the locations that the CMTA Road Team membership booth will be at.

Want an extra ballot to win the Ultimate Motorcycle Vacation Packages????

Ultimate AB Vacation

Ultimate BC Vacation


Come to one of the 17 events we will be at in 2020 and show us your card for your chance to win an extra ballot!

Become a member at www.motorcycletourism.ca where riding is very rewarding!

Last modified on Friday, 13 March 2020 21:41

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