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Road Trip Rita

Wednesday, 05 February 2020 22:55

Winter in Canada Featured

Winter in Canada	Winter in Canada
winter in canadaThe bike shows have come and gone in western Canada and we are still left with a few months of winter. That gives us time to reflect and plan. 
While at the Edmonton show I was taken a back with how much smaller it appeared to be compared to other years, or maybe it was just my imagination.  Though there are signs that times are tight in Alberta for sure. 
winter in canada
It was interesting people watching at this event, especially listening to the people that don't have bikes but where dreaming. What struck home for me was how fortunate us that ride are, because some days I think we take for granted, riding, and seeing life from a different perspective. I also realized that to many we are role models and in a way heros! We can talk about riding in Alaska or Mexico, the twisties in southern BC, the back roads of Alberta and take it for granted.  To many this is a dream, and they will never experience this or other trips on two wheels because something stands in the way. 
As I was looking at the new Honda Africa Twin, thinking I was glad I bought last year, sitting astride the big Harley glides, looking at the new Indian Challenger,  I realized I have it great. My newer Africa Twin has 10k km, my Victory Cross Country only 105k kms, I don't need new and flashy. I just need to ride! 
winter in canada
My advice for riders is not to get hung up on what you don't have, nor to worry about riding an old bike vs a sparkly new one, but instead to use what you have and explore life. For as I was once told, one day we must all die, but so many don't truly live in the days until then. 
So with that in mind, I am parked in the bush and am off snowshoeing,  for though I can't ride today, I can live and make memories.
- Eric Iggy Larson
winter in canada
Last modified on Thursday, 06 February 2020 23:08

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