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Road Trip Rita

Thursday, 24 October 2019 20:58

Presidents For Change Featured

Presidents For Change	Presidents For Change
TACA ca logoFor years now Bullying and Child Sexual abuse has gotten worse in Canada.
There are many volunteer and paid organizations out there trying to bring Awareness and a stop to this epidemic. We also have Law Enforcement, from all levels and the Crown Attorney that bring these cases to trial. Countless man hours and money is spent each and every day on the Justice System and in the private sector to stop crimes like Assault, Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, Pedophilia, Distribution of Child Porn etc. Yet once in court and IF found guilty, the perpetrators get a slap on the wrist and go free while the victims spend the rest of there lives with PTSD and Social Disorder Problems. Then if the perpetrators do not break the law while in jail, they get moved to a "healing lodge" WTF is that?  Who's helping the victims heal? Government ?, Private Sector ? NO. You’re on your own. Just another crazy person on the streets. SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE!
I'm putting together a chat forum for as many Presidents of Organizations as I can, nation wide. Organizations that want to see a change to our justice system and the penalties handed out. In this forum I'm hoping that we can discuss the options of approaching the government of Canada for a policy change to the criminal act in regards to Bullying and Child Abuse crimes.
If we have 500 presidents representing 10,000 members, we might have some power.
Please invite as many Presidents as you want, but ONLY presidents from organizations that would like to see a change in the criminal code. Please search, ?? Presidents for Change ?? on messenger to join
Thank you,

Templars Against Child Abuse 
Vice Commander of North America 
Commander of Canada 

(416) 986-4216

No Child deserves to live in FEAR, PERIOD!
Last modified on Thursday, 24 October 2019 21:24

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