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3rd Edition 2018 


ride to reynolds poster800Hi all, It's been a long road back to feeling well since Fort Mac, but thanks to a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I seem to be on the road to a full recovery.

Dedication ServiceMother Nature provided a picture perfect day for the Grand Opening of Wayside Memorial Park in Two Hills Alberta on July 16th, 2016.
Friday, 15 July 2016 05:49

Big Changes to the IOMC in Edmonton

alberta rocker glowing 250 285I was recently contacted by the former International Nomad of the Snow City Crew of the IOMC in Edmonton to let me know about some rather large changes that have taken place.

ft mac partWhile there are many other stories that yet need to be told, some wonderful, some not so much...there is something very special I want to share today about My Time in Fort Mac.

Jodi Dick and JustinWhile helping out in Fort Mac, a number of people came in to volunteer. Most of these people came in after the first 48 hours of me being there so we had limited opportunity to get to know each other.

Jim from Leduc Fire gifted me a stuffed Dalmatian Firehouse Dog LuckyIn the last instalment of My Time in Fort Mac, I left off with having had my stuffed Dalmatian firehouse dog, "Lucky", gifted to me by Jim of the Leduc Fire Department, absconded with.

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