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Wednesday, 17 June 2015 00:00

OneBikerBrotherhood Under God

cross greyI have been seeing a lot in the news about the shooting in Waco, Teas and how law enforcement have handled the situation, but I have also seen how it has catapulted the intensity the government is putting towards trying to take away the colors ( emblems identifying) the name of the organizations.


The government is under the impression taking away patches will put a stop to crime committed by some members not all of certain organizations, well let’s look back in history and even further into biblical times as well and see how we as bikers can put a stop to the stripping of our colors.

Let’s look at different organizations, let’s go to the wild west, the Jessie James gang, they wore no patches or colors but yet committed train robberies, how bout the mafia they wore suits and committed crimes such as prostitution, gambling, murder, drug dealing…WOW!!! No patches worn here. How can three pieces of cloth be blamed for the actions of people wearing them? That is like saying wearing air Jordans will make even white men play basketball better, or an Armani suit will turn you into and instant millionaire or an instant owner of a bank. But if the people wearing these things fail to perform according to what they think they will…. Well that will give them the right to think they can sue the manufactures? NO. what people forget is that crime has been going on since the fall of man when Adam and Eve fell in the garden and truly crime against not only mankind has been going on but even crimes against God which is called sin. This started in Heaven when Lucifer took one third of the angels and talked them into trying to over throw God and the arch angel Michael came and kicked them out of heaven. When Caine killed Able in Genesis and God called for Caine and asked where is your brother and Caine said “ he did not know” that was the first murder recorded in history and um I do not recall Caine wearing a set of colors when this happened.

I am sure Willie G. Davidson and the Harley brothers did not want their bikes to have the reputation they have been given, but the damage is done and now it is time we ban together as a biker brotherhood under God to put this behind us and clean up the stains by which all bikers are tarnished by and thus will put a stop to attempts of the government to take away the right to wear back patches as a beacon to show who we are or who we represent. I mean cattle rustlers a lot of times wear cowboy hats should we ban the wearing of cowboy hats or even cowboy boots. I would like to think that even the national presidents of the major clubs would be in total agreement with me on this subject.

We need to stop fighting each other and I know this is going into club politics but as an independently ordained minister and running my own solo motorcycle ministry sometimes I may need to touch on them a bit to get something across. We need to find common ground and stand on that together for if we continue the way we are going we will go the way of the dinosaur and the freedom to meet and wear our colors will be a thing of the past and then we will only have the memories to tell our children about. We need to treat the biker brotherhood the same as hunting and fishing and make it a positive life style to be shared with women and children for there are times when just the boys get together and then there are times when the boys, women and children should be included as well.

I will always say that Jesus and his disciples were the first true club, they may not have ridden Harleys, but they were the first true brotherhood and instead of people making an example of what and how the brotherhood of the club should be depicted as we should look at the example of Christ and his disciples and follow that pattern because truthfully the ideology of running clubs and territories with iron fists has not really worked. All it has done is put people in one of two places the ground or in jail either way it is cut, there are losers on both ends and it is my job and mission to try and shed positive light on the biker brotherhood and keep the government off our backs. I admire people like Barry Mason founder of a large motorcycle ministry; he was HARD CORE to the bone but for Jesus and putting a positive light on our subculture and life style.

I have a real good friend who passed away this past January and I know even though he was rough around the edges, but knew what my mission was and saw what is going on he would back me all the way. I love each and every biker whether I have met you or not. If you are on two wheels whether Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Victory or Indian, no matter what you are riding, we are equal because truthfully we enjoy the same things and they are the freedom riding a motorcycle brings us, and the freedom to wear our patches and go wherever we want. Think of it this way; we all hate when an establishment says NO COLORS right? Well the same goes for everywhere not just your favorite local watering hole and face stuffing establishment. We all pay taxes to ride the same streets, and I think it is time for the motorcycle world to change and go in a different direction rather than the direction of extinction because that is right where we are headed.

Now I write this not out of disrespect to anyone, nor does the ideologies reflect the magazine this is put in, this is a reflection of one Christian biker who is not afraid to lay the cards out on the table and tell it how it is and be real. I am not afraid to say we need to change and do it fast. I love you all as brothers and sisters and want to continue wearing our colors and riding our scoots wherever we feel with no harassment from the badges. However it is said “blessed are the peace makers “and that is what I am a peace maker. Look deep within yourselves and think of what I am saying and you will find I am spot on concerning this subject. God bless all who take the time to read this and put these words into action for this may be the only thing that saves our rights and keeps us all going and rolling on as a biker brotherhood under God.

Robbie Judkins

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