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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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3rd Edition 2018 

Thursday, 02 November 2017 15:51

New Brunswick Trial held on Oct 29, Kevin Patterson tops the Advanced class

Competitors at the New Brunswick trial on October 29 Competitors at the New Brunswick trial on October 29 From Michael Traves

Competitors at the New Brunswick trial on October 29From Michael Traves - Guy Gauvin and the New Brunswick Trials team did a fantastic job of hosting the event on October 29, and the weather could not have been better.

The sections were some of the best that the Maritime riders have had so far. It was fantastic having a set of beginner sections, in addition to our three traditional lines.

2017 oct nbA real highlight was having Dominique Goguen join the group for the second time this year - everyone seemed jealous of the little Beta 80! Hopefully we will see more young people (and more females) joining the sport.

Adding up the scores before people left was a great idea - it was fun for people t be on the podium. The final results are shown to the right.

A huge thanks to Toys for Big Boys (Honda) for the use of a 4RT demo bike, as well as the trophies for this round. We also had great continued support from Beta and the use of a 300 4T demo bike for the event.

Training Day in New Brusnwick, with Jonathan English on October 28 
$600 Raised in support of the Canadian Trial Des Nations Effort

Michael Traves writes to say a huge thanks to Jonathan English for once again taking the time to visit the Maritimes to pass along some of his vast knowledge of the sport of trials.

This was a little smaller group, just ten riders, who managed to raise $600 towards the Canadian Trial Des Nations team.

We had a great mix of riders, from "completely new to the sport" to those of us who have taken part in these training sessions with Jonathan for the past four years. We thought that the time we spent riding through made-up sections was very helpful - a welcome break from front wheel and rear wheel hops.

Thanks to the WTC and NSORRA for providing insurance coverage and the rules that we follow for the events.

Thanks also goes to Beta for the use of a 300 4T demo bike, and to Toys for Big Boys (Honda), for the use of a 4RT for the training event.

Outlaw Series - 2017 Standings 
100 participants in the series this year

Following the final Outlaw event of the year in Victoria, Outlaw Dave Rhodes has provided us with the winners of each class for the 2017 Series. The Outlaw is a championship series run over five events in Alberta and BC each year.

Dave tells us that these are the winners of the #1 Plates for the 2017 Outlaw Series.

Expert:              Steve Day (Vertigo)     Vancouver, BC  46 points
Advanced:            Chris Tronnes (Gas Gas) Bentley, AB    60
Senior Advanced:     Guy Smeeth (Gas Gas)    Surrey, BC     51
Intermediate:        Shane Bridden (TRS)     Kelowna, BC    55
Senior Intermediate: Richard Oulett (Scorpa) Calgary. AB    75
Sportsman:           Harold Pospisil (Beta)  Edmonton, AB   60
Junior:              Starla Smeeth (Gas Gas) Surrey, BC     60
Vintage:             Three way tie between Bob Clark, Dave Bloxam and
                     Riley Ferguson, all three with 30 points.  No #1
                     Plate will be awarded for this Class.

A total of 100 riders took part in the series. Congratulations to all who attended the five events in Alberta and BC.Any riders wishing to know where they placed can contact Outlaw via his website, www.outlawtrials.com.

Last modified on Saturday, 20 January 2018 05:00

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