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The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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3rd Edition 2018 

Tuesday, 01 November 2016 16:37

The Long Ride Featured

old ragged motorcycle bagSometimes when you read a poem, a good poem, you can just close your eyes and picture yourself there. 

These types of poems are a joy to read. We were sent this poem, it fits the bill of you being able to close your eyes and picture yourself on that bike, with your own ragged bag filled to the brim. We all have one!   So grab a coffee, find a quiet corner and enjoy!  Courtesy of Mint 

The Long Ride

 I went for a ride the other day

I passed a car along the way

There was a young boy in the back

He was staring at me

As I kept the bike on track

Dad there's a biker passing us

He seemed to say

His face is all weathered

His hair long and grey

Son I've been ridin'

Since some far gone day

He's ridin' hard and all alone

Wonder what he's doin'

So faraway from his home?


On the back was an old bag

Lashed on tight

It's ragged ends waving

Like an old battle flag

The bag's full of memories

For which I hold dear

Some that I laugh at

Some that I fear

That bag of memories

Won't leave me alone

I reach in and pull one out

When I'm far from my home

Some people ride to show their

Silver and gold

It's deep in the soul

So I've been told


Where do we get the quirky names?

They come from a rally

Where it's all fun and games

People ride in from miles around

To meet up with old friends

Or greet new ones they found

Everyone a brother or sister

And that my friends

Is what goes on

Down at St. Victor

They ride in alone

Or ten in a pack

Everyone makes it

Even Joe Stac

When its all over

We go our separate ways

Vowing to meet on some other day

Here comes a rider

He gives me a two finger wave

We're doing our thing

The thing we all crave

Gone are the days of carrying oil and points

No raingear, no tents

Just a few joints

Sometimes I wonder how we ever got home

No money, no gas not even a phone

Everyone had a master link

Hoping some cop

Didn't throw us in the clink


Here comes my hometown

Around the next bend

Ah shit

This trip's going to end

So now my friends you see

What that old ragged bag does for me

It gives me a smile

Mile after mile

When I'm alone

Ridin' hard far away from my home

Someday I hope to settle down

For now …. I'll keep on ridin'

From town to town





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