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50th Edition 2017 

Thursday, 25 May 2017 20:39

The Monkey Report - May 25th, 2017 Featured

columnist bad uncle monkeyWith a soft kiss the old lady headed out to the early shift.

Try as you might you just can't get back to sleep. Reluctantly you wonder down to the kitchen. You check out the window to make sure the world is still there, grumble at the bird chirping on the window ledge. You tidy up around the house as you pass through before heading to the garage. Still early you pass the time working on the honey-do list striking several items off the list. As quick blast to the hardware store replenishes stock and eliminates a few more items from the list. Satisfied that you knocked down the list enough you slip on some cleaner jeans and throw your leg over the bike for some me time. You head down by the park across to the water ways. The pavement is hot under foot and the bike it running strong. A few passes along the main strip and a lap or two around the roundabout. Mid-day sun bright overhead your stomach reminds you that you had headed to the garage with little more than a cup of coffee. You meander your way down to the new Mexican joint overlooking the rail yard. A couple tacos and a cold beer to wash them down as you watch the trains pass by. An old timer farther down the window counters eagerly talks to a long gone friend about locomotive 348 and its place in history. A heavy freight of shipping containers clank along the tracks across the way as the waitress clears your mess and brings another cold beer. Some kids skid their bicycles to stop to check out your bike. The old man has moved closer to you to tell you about his time in the rail yards when he wasn't much older than you, back when everything moved by rail. He explains the importance for the yard. After you finish your beer you thank him for the history lesson, scatter the kids swarming around your bike with a friendly growl before they settle back in as you strap on the shorty helmet. They plug their ears as you fire the bike, race you as you ride away into the day. -bad Uncle Monkey

Wayne Wuschke

Wayne Wuschke a.k.a. Uncle Monkey is a motor journalist born in the sticks of rural Saskatchewan now living in Moose Jaw.

He has been actively building motorcycles and cars for over thirty years. In his past he attended the University of Regina taking Engineering and was a founding member of the Regina Chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers better known as SAE International.

Wayne is a proud member of the Southern Independent Riders. His weekly column shines a spotlight on life from the two wheels on the open road.

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