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50th Edition 2017 

Thursday, 04 May 2017 19:37

The Monkey Report - May 4th, 2017 Featured

columnist bad uncle monkeyFor the last week my Republican friend and I have been debating healthcare.

As the weather warms many of us are making our way to the garage to give the bike a once over before rolling out for the first few rides of the year. For some they can't wait for those initial fresh days and yet others are a little more cautious. Winter brings heavy road salt and sand accumulating in intersections and along the sides of the road. Toss in lax driving skill for the cages and it can be downright deadly. For others it is about dollars and cents. Spring riding days can be sporadic and often a plated bike can sit still for a week or two at a time before they can get out and ride. Insurance money that could be spent on a new piece of chrome, a little more performance or even just a few more cold ones for the back of the fridge.

Eventually though the calendar closes in on the prime riding season and time is spent cleaning and polishing, getting rid of last year’s bugs and guts. Fresh fluids, fresh air draws the road ever nearer. A few more trips around the bike before we are satisfied that it is ready for another year. For others it is putting those last few finishing touches on a winter project that went way over budget, way over your skill level but now it is last minutes checks for loose nuts, for loose lines. A winter's worth of work coming to a close. Will it leave family and friends in awe or will it be awful. 

The bad days are spent mapping out a summer of riding. Rallies here and there, campfire friends and dive bar buddies. A million miles to be ridden in a handful of weekends. Smoke Out is on the list and maybe you'll check out that other local run you've been hearing about. Wednesday night rides with the boys, Saturday night rides with some young thing squealing for more. A ride for patriotism, a ride for freedom, a ride for a friend no longer here. A new riding season dawns across the nation. Are you ready?


-bad Uncle Monkey



Last modified on Sunday, 07 May 2017 01:40
Wayne Wuschke

Wayne Wuschke a.k.a. Uncle Monkey is a motor journalist born in the sticks of rural Saskatchewan now living in Moose Jaw.

He has been actively building motorcycles and cars for over thirty years. In his past he attended the University of Regina taking Engineering and was a founding member of the Regina Chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers better known as SAE International.

Wayne is a proud member of the Southern Independent Riders. His weekly column shines a spotlight on life from the two wheels on the open road.

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