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3rd Edition 2018 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014 06:00

When Will This End

columnist David PocockFull disclosure: I am sharing this article from another group I belong to, but this speaks so eloquently my thoughts.  I have only edited this for readability.  Robb Walraven, has a way with words and I have his permission to pass this along to you.




It is with sadness that I read the results of the Holiday weekend.  I offer my condolences to all of the families.

I expected to open my Google search and see several pages of motorcycle "accidents" and crashes.  It is that time of year again when "rider's" who have not been on a motorcycle for six months fire them up and "hit the road" for the first big weekend of the year.  Sadly, many actually do end up "Hitting the Road".  The fact that disturbs me, even more than the number who took their first, and last, ride of the season, is the simple fact that so very many were due to "rider error".  Will it never end?  Ego is a hell of a reason to bring out the body bags.

If someone, anyone, has not done something that requires skill, practice and muscle memory, for a length of time there can be no expectation of continued efficiency.  One must "re-learn" what has been lost due to simply not being used.

Over, and over, and then over again, I read the same few words used to describe the loss of a rider, someone's family member, " Lost control / failed to negotiate the turn / left roadway and struck ___ or one of the most common; motorcycle crossed the centre line and struck _____ head on".  These do NOT include the crashes where DUI was a factor.  Rational thought was NOT diminished by drugs or alcohol but there can be no doubt that "rational thought" was diminished somewhere.

We, the collective use of "we", are killing... ourselves.  No one to blame, no fingers to point and say "they did it", no one but; "US".  The loss of life nationwide is frightening, appalling... yet "we" continue to add to the toll at the beginning of each new "Riding season".  How many must die before we decide that too many have died?

For far to many it is now to late.  They are dead.  To those who remain I personally beg of you... take a "refresher" class or at least find a parking lot at a local Church or where-ever and re-learn.  Rebuild your muscle memory BEFORE you "head out on the highway" and urge your friends to do the same.  We have held far to many funerals.

I know that, for the most part, this will fall upon the deaf but if ONE person does not die in a crash, does not spend their remaining time on this Earth in a chair, then my time will not have been wasted.

Enjoy your journey.

Thus endeth the lesson, please Ride safe!  We would rather talk to you, than about you.

Last modified on Thursday, 29 May 2014 17:45
David Pocock

David Pocock lives in Southern Alberta and has been riding for more years than he really wants to admit.  His first motorcycle was a Kawasaki 55  and since then has owned and riden a number of diverse brands such as Triumph, BSA and yes even a Harley or two.  David has riden in such diverse places as the UK, Puerto Rico, and much of North America with the farthest North being somewhere around Slave Lake and as the farthest South, Mexico City.
When asked why he would write for Busted Knuckle chronicles, David's best answer is, "Why not share some of the fun and maybe cause some conversation amongst my brothers and sisters of the road?"

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